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How much does a snippet cost?

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How much does a snippet cost?

Most of our snippets can be purchased outright for $250 AUD ex GST.

This includes the MP4 video file (watermarked with your company logo), Training Notes, and Q&As.

Two of our modules are priced differently:

Truck Rollover

All snippets in the truck rollover series cost $99 AUD each ex GST.

Each include Training Notes and Q&As.

Animation Module

All snippets in this module are $150 AUD ex GST.

Each are watermarked with your logo but do not come with Training Notes or Q&As.

How To Purchase Snippets Outright

1. Call us on+613 9696 8555 or email info@trainingsnippets.com.au to enquire about your company needs.

2. We give you secure access to view any snippets you want to look at in their entirety.

3. You say: "these are great!" : )

4. Choose the snippets you want to purchase outright.

5. Statement of Work... We send you one to sign and return - this covers our terms and conditions of purchase.

6. Payment can be made via invoice or manual credit card payment. (Commissions or bank fees may apply to credit cards and overseas payments.)

7. Send us your logo. 

8. Watermarking your logo... Once payment is received we watermark your snippets with your company logo in the bottom left hand corner of each video.

9. Sending your snippets... We'll send you the snippets via our secure file sharing network within 48 hours of payment. The package will include MP4 files, Training Notes and Q&As.

NOTE: The snippets are yours to keep as long as you don't on-sell them. For RTO sand organisations who want to on-sell our snippets, please contact TrainingSnippets on +613 9696 8555.

Customised Video

Learn more about how we can work with you to create your own customised safety videos or

give Helen Bitmead a call on +613 9696 8555 or mob 0408 359 415.

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